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this is Anke Wichert. I am a PhD-Student and proud possessor of the
"maniatis edition for the poor (and PhD-students)". It is called "Short
protocols in molecular biology", ed. by F. Ausubel (yeah: the red
"Protocols in Molecular Biology"), R. Brent  and others; published by
Wiley and Sons; 3rd ed. of 1995; ISBN is 0-471-13781-2. The content is
quite the same as in the famous big red files "Protocols in Molecular
Biology", also by Ausubel et al. It possesses all the benefits of the
"protocols" (extensive introductions, comprehensible protocols), but not
the high price.
So that's my recommendation for everyone seeking a protocol book for
molecular biology applications.

Anke Wichert
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