if two estriction sites too close

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Fri Feb 5 03:42:08 EST 1999

I suggest you have a look at the appendix of the NEB catelogue (no
affiliations). They have a great section called "cleavage close to the end
of DNA fragments" which should help you out. The number of 'extra' bases
required next to the recognition sequence for cleavage at a high rate
differs from enzyme to enzyme, with some being more picky than others. If
one enzyme needs more of an overhang than the other, then cutting with the
fussy enzyme first can be adventagous.

Good Luck,

Wendy Ingram

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> Hi all,
>         Would there be possible to cut two restriction sites which are of 4 
> base pair apart (Not taking into account the restriction recognition 
> sequence)?
> Andrew

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