Cx26 antibody from Zymed Labs

Dooyeon Kim dykim at
Sun Feb 7 21:29:34 EST 1999

Hi, Netters:

	Recently, I am planing to purchase anti Connexin 26 antibodies from

Zymed Labs. I will use the antibodies for identifying the expression of Cx26 

in HeLa cells transfected with Cx26 expression vector (pcDNA3).                     

	I want to know if the quality of Cx26 antibodies from Zymed Labs is

sufficient for the identification of Cx26 from HeLa cell extract. I heard that

they are selling two kinds of antibodies (monoclonal anti-mouse, polyclonal anti-rabbit).

Is there anybody who had the experience of using these antibodies?

	Please e-mail me if you have any idea about my queries. 
	Thank you very much for reading.

							Sincerely yours,

KAIST, Daejon Korea.                     Dooyeon Kim ......................
                                         dykim at

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