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> this method to work?  I have a couple of really nasty
> ligations to perform at the moment and I am very tempted
> to try this as I know the desired clone is there somewhere
> (PCR) but many screeninge later I haven't found it
> (one more round and it will have to be colony hybridisation).
>      Thanks for any input,
>           Bernard
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> Bernard P. Murray, PhD
> Dept. Cell. Mol. Pharmacol., UCSF, San Francisco, USA

You have a higher tolerance for multiple minipreps than I have, Bernard.
Nowadays, if I can't find my clone in one pass, I go right to colony hybs.
Usually I find that something odd has happened, such as small inserts that
give blue colonies anyway.

I used to try a few rounds of screening with minis, then after I'd find the
clone with colony hybs, I'd think: that wasn't so hard, why didn't I do that
in the first place?

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