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> > Does anybody out there know the companies sale some kind of cheap and
> > reliable protein mine-gel set and power supply?
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> > Many thanks!
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> > Kexue
> BioRad sells a decent one.  I like the Hoeffer "Mighty Small" ones myself
> (no affiliation with the company).

I hate the BioRad like the plague.  Too much folderol for me.  My favorite
has always been the Hoefer, but not the one they currently sell.  Back in the
good ol' days, Hoefer was Hoefer and they sold a single gel unit with an 8x10
format. That was a beauty.  Now they sell the double unit which I have found
to be less than durable (anyone have one with both cooling tubes still
intact?).  The old style was still available piecemeal as of 2 years ago. 
Cat # for the upper chamber is/was 80614289 and the lower chamber is/was
80614270.  Note, these are not "cheap" (price will run over $300.oo per unit)
but you will find them virtually indestructible.  The glass and alumina
plates will break, however. Guard the alumina ones like gold, but don't waste
money on the glass ones. Thomas Scientific sells 3 1/4 x 4" "special use"
microscope slides (cat # 6686- M20 12 for $24.75 or 6686-M23 one gross for
$267.30--I think a gross is 144) that work like a charm for pennies a
serving.  Now for cheap, it used to be that C.B.S. Scientific in Del Mar
California put out a decent no-frills gel box for a decent price.  Better
yet, if you called them you could inquire about the availability of "seconds"
cosmetically flawed, but very functional (hmm..this could be a line for a
personal ad) anyhow, you may want to look into this company.  I know they are
still in business, but I don't know if they are still a good value.

Finally, the best all-purpose basic power supply (ignoring Heath-kit, car
battery chargers, etc.) in my opinion is the EC 105 made, surprisingly enough
by E-C.  this unit only puts out constant voltage--nothing fancy here--but it
will allow up to 300mA at 150--250V and up to 500mA when run under 150V.  In
other words, you can run the gel and the western blot as well.	Companies
like Fisher or VWR should sell you one for around $300.00.

Good luck,
Steve Dahl

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