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> I'm in a lab of radiation-phobes/ecologically minded people
> and so the amount of stress from innumerable screenings is
> far less than from using a few microCi of 32P.
>      I've played with DIG/alkaline phosphatase Southerns
> in a previous lab with good success.  Does this work well
> for colony hybridisation or does anyone recommend any other
> non-rad methods for this?
>      Thanks,
>           Bernard
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My sympathies. Tell them not to eat it. Having been injected with 8 milli(yes
I said milli)Curies of radioactivity for medical tests, well, I just can't
excited by a few microCuries that is _outside_ my body. (If you want to see
some real radioactivity in action, hang out with the nuclear medicine guys
for awhile). So I'm the one who gets to do the nuclear runoff transcriptions,

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