labeling cell culture plates

Jacalyn S. Newman jsd119 at
Wed Feb 10 17:15:20 EST 1999

I'm fairly new to cell culture, but have been doing lots of work lately
using multiple samples. I originally made labels for all of the plates
using very small pieces of colored tape, since I find color helps me keep
from mixing up samples. On the tape, I'd then write the particular DNA and
other pertinant information. In addition to the help color gives me, I can
make all of my labels in advance, reducing the time the plates are sitting
at RT in the hood while I play with magic markers. My advisor recently told
me that's a bad idea, since fungi can occasionally see the adhesive as a

I'd love to know of there are alternatives to colored tape that will let me
pre-make labels without putting me at greater risk for incubator
contamination via feasting fungi. How do most people label cell culture
plates? I'm dealing with about 150 60mm plates per experiment,  so I need a
system that is efficient and still kind to the cells.


Jacalyn S. Newman
jsd119 at

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