Protein Minigel & Power supply

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> > Does anybody out there know the companies sale some kind of cheap and
> > reliable protein mine-gel set and power supply?
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> > Many thanks!
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> > Kexue

(My apologies if I have the quotation wrong)

There is a small company that sells a really, really small power supply.  it can do 50 or 100 V  constant only, and is not able to regulate current (but has a 1 Amp fuse).  The supply costs $45.00, which is sufficiently low that these could be purchased for students to use in a teaching lab.

The owner once posted here instructions how to construct a cheap agarose gel rig using pencils as electrodes.  

The URL is

Check out his other products, which are also very inexpensive.

Daniel Kim

P.S.  I have run a mini-SDS-PAGE rig with this power supply.  While the run was slower than I am used to, it went just fine.   - DK

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