Opinions Wanted: "Short Protocols in Molec. Biol." book

David R. Johnson david.johnson at yale.edu
Thu Feb 11 14:26:13 EST 1999

   The second edition was excellent.  Concise, includes all the core
technologies, much cheaper and much more convenient than the big three
volumes.  The background is abbreviated but sufficient and there are charts
for solutions, etc.  There is a new third edition but I haven't seen it.
   -hope this helps,

Dave Neece wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm thinking of purchasing the book "Short Protocols in Molecular Biology
> " by Ausubel et al.  It's basically an abreviated version of "Current
> Protocols in Molec. Biol."  I haven't been able to locate one in a
> bookstore to look thru before I buy it, so I'm wondering if anyone here
> has used it.
> If so:
> Did you like it?
> Does it give any background information for the techniques?
> Does it have handy charts for common solutions, etc.?
> Any additional input is welcome.
> Thanks,
> Dave.

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