Recycling electroporation cuvettes

Arul Jayaraman jayarama at
Fri Feb 12 13:36:30 EST 1999

Well, we used to squirt soap solution (foorget the name), rinse out
immediately, and autoclave for 7 mins. these were done with the biorad
cuvettes. time constants with used cuvettes always was less than new ones
and we the cuvettes don't last beyond 2 cycles. we used to use these for
routine transformations and always used precious fresh ones for important
but this doesn't mean i recommend this procedure!!

On Thu, 11 Feb 1999, Rafael Maldonado wrote:

> Hi netters,
> I know it is a question already made several times, but never have the
> chance to pay more attention. How do you recycle electroporation
> cuvettes? Can they be autoclaved? Is there some special way of sterilize
> them? Thanks a lot,
> -Rafael Maldonado
> University of Alicante
> rmaldonado at

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