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Hello,                                  Sunday  February 14th, 1999 

I would like to introduce myself.  I am the Director of Marketing for the award 
winning INDULGE magazine - The Art of Fine Living.  I have a great 
opportunity for your site and our magazine to work in a partnership together.

 As a major publication, we have the tools and resources to promote your company 
through premium print media. THIS IS A LEGITIMATE OFFER.  Please print a copy 
of this message and take a moment to read this very important Internet and 
business opportunity. With our generous offer we will extend to you your choice of 
either a four-color editorial(s) or a four-color advertisement(s) in INDULGE 
magazine along with receiving a minimum of $750 for your efforts and support. 
There is no cost to you to partnership in this promotion with INDULGE.

INDULGE'S objective is to dramatically increase our subscription base for 
the first quarter of 1999. To reach our goal we have implemented a media
 campaign of several different mediums including 60-second national TV 
and talk radio spots. Our next step is web promotion and creating web partnerships.  
In discussion with several major web sites their objective is 
to acquire national exposure to their site and of course make a profit. 
INDULGE has created the solution and with a partnership together we
 both can benefit tremendously.   (Please note our demographics below).  

INDULGE magazine features a prestigious advertiser client list such 
as: Cartier, Mercedes, Buick, Fidelity, E-Trade, Datek, Lind-Waldock,
 the Ritz Carlton, Mirage Hotel, House of Blues, Absolute Vodka, 
Bacardi, Tanqueray, Forest Glen, Chateau St. Michelle, Macanudo,
 Punch, Arturo Fuente, Bertolucci, Girard-Perregaux, Soho Editions,
 Axell Editions, Masterpiece, The Smithsonian and Warner Brothers.

As a starting point, with every 150 INDULGE magazine subscriptions sold 
from your site/business, INDULGE WILL GIVE YOU your choice of either a 
½ PAGE COLOR EDITORIAL or a ½ page four-color ad in an upcoming issue 
of your choice ABSOLUTELY FREE. ($3650 rate card). AND you'll be paid 
$5.00  (25%) for every INDULGE subscription sold from your site/business.  
That's an additional  BONUS income of $750 TO START!   It's very simply 
and very generous.  Your site/business sells  just 150 one-year subscriptions 
to INDULGE magazine and  you receive $4300 package in return. There is 
no cost or expense to you!

Our national TV and radio campaign offer is $19.95 (45% off ) for a one-year 
subscription (newsstand rate is $36).  Your subscriber will also receive with 
their paid subscription through Chek Faxx, an additional  FREE BONUS of a 
gourmet CD-ROM (a $39.95 *while supplies last).  A $75 promotion for just $19.95. 

To keep an accurate accounting of the subscriptions sold from your site 
you will have a company ID.  A copy of your subscription order will be sent to 
your e-mail and  a copy will be forwarded to INDULGE. All orders are shipped 
within five days.

With only 280 subscription sold, you'll receive a full-page four-color 
advertisement or editorial ($5950 rate card) and $1400 in earned sales 
commission -- a $7350 package. You may also divide this into two ½ pages.  
INDULGE is published bi-monthly (six times a year) and with our unique offer
 it enables you to receive advertising for your site in over 750,000 copies and 
reach over 2.4 million exposures to a very upscale internet, savvy clientele.

INDULGE is a premier award winning international food, wine and
lifestyle publication featuring dining around the globe, Hollywood's top 
celebrities, great exotic travel, noted international chefs, fabulous
 recipes, the world of art, music, investments, CIGARS and the latest 
rage in fashion and fine living. The current issue of INDULGE it 
features the beautiful Julia Roberts on our cover along with 
Judd Nelson, Steve Harvey, Michael Bergin (Baywatch) and 
Ralf Moeller (Conan).

Celebrating our sixth year, INDULGE boasts a circulation of over 
125,000 throughout the U.S and Canada, a current subscriber base 
of over 40,000 and an influential readership of nearly 400,000.  
Male: 46% Female: 54%, Median age 28 – 50. Issue shelf life is an
 eye opening one-year. Our average household net worth is an
 impressive $873,000 and household income over $121,000!  
INDULGE is available at major newsstands everywhere throughout
 the U.S. and Canada.  INDULGE also distributes an additional 
10,000 copies throughout Europe.

INDULGE is hot and has been recently featured on CNN, CNBC,
A&E, Lifetime, Discovery, The Food Network, The Home & Garden Network 
And the Travel Network to list a few.

New York Times recently noted  "INDULGE as 
being one of the top publications available on newsstand today"

The 1998 award winner for "Outstanding Publication"
by the International Society of Periodicals

Be creative with this exciting wonderful opportunity and don't let it pass you 
by.  To make this a  successful venture for you, include a cover(s) image on
 your website of INDULGE magazine and you can link to our site. Offer 
our discount subscription and FREE CD ROM promotion to your clients and 
visitors and ask them to assist you in gaining  your feature editorial or 
advertisement in INDULGE magazine by simply ordering a subscription.  
Include our premium subscription offer in your site's newsletter or do numerous 
special e-mailings. When shipping your clients order, include the INDULGE 
subscription offer in their package. Use our offer as a package deal, e.g. when 
they order two of your products your client  will also receive  an INDULGE one
year subscription and BONUS gourmet CD ROM.  You may wish to join forces
with one of your associate web sites or business. 

For your information, in 1998 INDULGE received an average of 1500 new 
subscribers each month just from our issue bind in cards. 

To assist you in our subscription campaign, INDULGE currently has over 9,000 
60-second radio spots airing on talk radio nationally.

If you would like to take adavantage of our special offer and receive your
businesses FREE editorial / advertisement in INDULGE magazine 
plus your extra income please give me a call immediately. My support
staff will be happy to send you an agreement, media kit, editorial calendar, 
subscription template and any Internet images that you will need to successfully 
take advantage of this unique business opportunity. I look forward to a successful 
relationship together.


Jonathan Barrington
818-704-7074 ext 231
818-704-7094 fax
web_promo at cheerful.com

Corporate Offices: 21755 Ventura Boulevard Suite 252  Woodland Hills, CA 91364

If this has reached in error please I deeply apologize and simply return with remove. 

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