VP22 Voyager?

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> They (Invitrogen) have seemed to have made it work with GFP and with the
> vector alone in which VP22 is tagged with myc-His.  I would argue that
> these are simple examples.  Has anyone tried this system with markedly more
> complex proteins, like single chain membrane surface receptors?  Class 1, 2
> or 3 membrane proteins?

We've made a VP22/Cre recombinase fusion protein. Our initial attempt
at getting Cre-mediated recombination using murine embryonic stem cells
containing a loxP-flanked exon resulted in 3 out of 23 cell lines with
recombination. Far from the 100% advertised, but it was also our first
attempt. I'm sure we'll get close to 100% with a few more

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