X-Gal assay

Vladimir Rotrekl rotrekl at chemi.muni.cz
Tue Feb 16 14:02:36 EST 1999

You can use p-nitrophenolglucopyranosid and then you need only
spectrophotometer (412nm).
It is nice, becouse the reaction product formation is visible by eye.

Good luck

Vladimir Rotrekl
Dept of Biochemistry
Masaryk University
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Czech Republic

Chi-Kuang Wen wrote in message <36C39C8B.2E41664B at wam.umd.edu>...
>Dear Netters:
>Can someone give me a reliable protocol to test beta-galactosidase
>activity?  I have a protocol but it is hard to get consistant result.
>Do I need to do enzyme kinetics to obtain its activity?
>Thanks in advance.
>cwen at wam.umd.edu
>Chi-Kuang Wen, Research Associate
>Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
>University of Maryland
>College Park, MD 20742

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