Seeking info on Amersham SEQ4X4 Sequencing unit

drdad at drdad at
Tue Feb 16 18:52:36 EST 1999


I have decided to try to eliminate the use of radioactivity for sequencing
in my lab.  We now are doing manual sequencing with Sequenase 2.0 and
using long acrylamide gels which we pour and run ourselves.

I am considering the purchase of the new Amersham SEQ4X4 personal DNA
sequencer.  Does anyone have any experience with this unit.  It appears I
can save some bench time with this unit.  However, there are always
pitfalls and I hope to discover these before paying $25,000 for this
system.  We average about 3 set of sequencing reactions per week.

Is this unit one of the types which only works well when it is used
continuously?  We might go several weeks without needing any sequencing,
then get into a period of 4 weeks where that is all my technician will do.

Thanks for any help!

Dr. Felix D. Guerrero
drdad at

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