flat bed scanning/image analysis?

Maggie Amsler mamsler at path.uab.edu
Tue Feb 16 08:45:33 EST 1999

Hi!  I am trying to analyze autoradiographically produced dot blots.  I am
currently scanning the 8x10 film with an HP Scan Jet 3c- a simple flat bed
scanner.  There is no transparency adapter which I have read is necessary
when scanning transparent stuff rather than paper.  Question 1 is why is an
adapter necessary and what difference will it make in the digitized
image/data following scanning?

I have yet to find suitable software to then analyze the image.  Basically,
I end up with an array of 196 dots of varying intensity.  It would be great
to find software that will allow a grid to be placed over the regularly
spaced dots and yield 196 intensity values at once.  The range of intensity
change can be up to 40 fold difference so something with good sensitivity is
required.  Question 2 is anyone out there working with such software that
they could recommend?

Thanks in advance for any input!

Maggie Amsler

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