Recycling electroporation cuvettes

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Wed Feb 17 06:43:45 EST 1999

As a manufacturer of electroporation cuvette we do not recommend to use
autoclaving procedures to recycle electroporation cuvette. During the
autoclaving process a very important oxidation of the aluminium electrodes
will occur which will result in a large increase of the aluminium oxide
layer which covers the electrodes. This will change significantly the
electroporation conditions. Also the autoclaving process will induce a lot
of stress and will result in modification of the distance between the
electrodes (same if the cuvettes are sold as “Autoclavable”).

It is also very important to avoid any detergent in the cleaning process.

We prefer to recommend 3 washes with milliQ water followed by 70% EtOh + UV

Please be aware of potential cross contamination with DNA sticking on the

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Rafael Maldonado wrote in message <36C2EDC9.3B12171A at>...
>Hi netters,
>I know it is a question already made several times, but never have the
>chance to pay more attention. How do you recycle electroporation
>cuvettes? Can they be autoclaved? Is there some special way of sterilize
>them? Thanks a lot,
>-Rafael Maldonado
>University of Alicante
>rmaldonado at

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