Which pipettes do you recommend?

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> > Dear Netters,
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> > Our lab is going to buy a score of new pipettes (0.5 to 1000 ul). Till
> > now, we have been using Eppendorf pipettes, so our new ones have to fit
> > the Eppendorf tips. Of course, we would prefer a less expensive model
> > than our old ones. So I would like to ask for your experiences with
> > Eppendorf or other pipettes in the mentioned range.
> >
> > Any help and/or comments would be highly appreciated.
> Never used Eppendorfs but Gilson's Pipetman have held up well in our lab.
> We've had terrible experiences with the Oxford Benchmates, which we bought
> because they were cheap. What a mistake that was! They need frequent
> calibration (at least monthly) and replacement parts (which are relatively
> expensive) and they literally fall apart as the cheap plastics crack and
> warp. In contrast, our Pipetman usually go at least a year or two between
> service.
> Pipettes are precision instruments and critical to your lab. I don't think
> this is the place to try to stretch your budget.

I've also used only the Gilson Pipetmen. It is easy to make minor repairs on
them, such as repacing the seals, o-rings, or even the barrels, and the
replacement parts are cheap enough that I buy them in advance so that I have
then on hand if I do need to fix them.

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