D. KIM dkim at NMSU.Edu
Fri Feb 19 18:59:31 EST 1999

Scrape the cell layer with a sterile pipet tip.  Try to keep carryover of
medium as small as possible.

Swizzle the pipet tip in a PCR reaction mix of reasonable size (no oil).

Remove the tip, add oil and run the reaction.

If this works, you owe me a donut.

Daniel Kim
dkim at nmsu.edu
Valeri Krougliak <krougv01 at doc.mssm.edu> wrote:
: Hi netters,
: I am going to analyse several hundred clones of mammalian cells that are
: currently growing in 96 well plates. Can anybody recommend me a simple
: procedure of in-well cell lysis that would yield PCR-quality DNA without
: removal of samples from wells and without purification steps.
: Thanx in advance.
: Valeri

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