Colony PCR or "purified DNA-PCR"

D. KIM dkim at NMSU.Edu
Fri Feb 19 19:02:16 EST 1999

Is your bacteria expressing endonuclease?  If so, your DNA is being
chopped up during the extraction step somewhere.

My esteemed colleague, Dr. Hiryana Roychowdhury, will probably expand on
this when he reads it (Hi Hiranya!)

Daniel Kim
dkim at

Gerd <gerdn at> wrote:
: Hey, 
: I have at several occations had problems getting amplification using
: standard procedure for PCR with purified Bacterial DNA as template,  but
: have gotten the desired product by using the same procedure, except for
: DNA template I have just thrown in a colony of my bacterium and
: increased the initial denaturation temp to 97 C.

: Gerd

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