kanamycin resistance anomoly : cultures vs. plates

Keith Rand Keith.Rand at molsci.csiro.au
Sun Feb 21 19:05:50 EST 1999

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> > This is just an idea.
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> > Could the problem have to do with phage infection eg. Tn5?
> Hum, Tn5 is not a phage... it is a transposon. Sure, it gives resistance
> to Km, but it should not be present in a wt E. coli culture, and it
> wouldn't explain the go and fro of the resistance.
> -Rafa

I don't know if this is relevant, but many labs use M13 helper phage that
carry Kan resistance gene and which can contaminate coli cultures -at
least,  male strains grown above 30C. And they are pretty resistant to
various cleaning and sterilizing conditions.

Keith Rand,  Sydney Australia

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