The protocols to extract genomic DNA from whole blood

paul lacy lacyp at
Mon Feb 22 14:07:55 EST 1999

You may want to repeat the RBC lysis step to get a cleaner prep.  I had
some Elk samples that I used with the Puregene kit and this helped quit a
bit.  You might also include Prot. K with the Cell lysis buffer step.

Re: the DNAzol kit... what's the maximum number of cells it will handle?
You might be overloading the system.


Paul Rasmussen (paul at wrote:
: Gentra Systems' DNA Puregene kit works well.  Very easy and good yields.

: Gunnaporn Veerachato wrote:

: > Dear all
: >      I would like to extract genomic DNA from elephant  whole blood. I 
:> have tried DNAZol Reagent but the extracted genomic DNA was in brown
:> color and it does not solubilize well, although I have tried 8mM  NaOH
:> to solubilize it according to the protocol. Does anyone have other 
:> better protocols to extract genomic DNA from the whole blood?
: >
: > Thank you in advance
: >
: > Sincerely Yours,
: > Gunnaporn  Veerachato
: > vgunnapo at
: >
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