anti-activated erk problems

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> A colleague of mine has been using anti-activated erk
> (polyclonal/rabbit; Promega) in western blots and has recently found
> problems in detecting the protein (since receiving a new batch!).
> A new batch is on its way, but it would be interesting to hear from
> those of you who have experienced similar problems with this system.
> Suggestions for alternative sources would also be appreciated -
> especially those companies with suppliers in Australia.
> The secondary antibody (against rabbit IgE) is fine as it has been
> tested on a small amount of the old batch that was remaining.
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I just saw an add from NEB for new monoclonal Abs to various phosphorylated
MAP kinases (erk, jnk, and p38, IIRC). They describe them in their web site,
and you can get a free sample of the mAB to phospho-erk.

I don't know how well they work yet; I am still waitng for my free sample.
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