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>>Some guys raise their question with some
> > abbreviation words I have never met elsewhere and the answer can not
> > give me any hint either. I have to skip the discussion. I think this
> > is also the problem of most others, isn't it?
> > Would you, when raising your question, please give the full words when
> > you think the abbreviation is strange for most others? Thank you!
> > Sincerely,
> > Wen-Feng
I agree. :-)
> I agree that molecular biology is sinking under a mass
> of (usually unneeded) abbereviations and acronyms.
SNIP=Abreviations-handy and reduces typing.

One problem is the lack of decent mail interfaces. 

On the mac I use for mail I use the old newswatcher; however on my Acorn
twin processor RiscPC (I prefer this to any Windozzzze machine) the mail
programme comes with a confugurable dictionary with anacronym link. IE.
type DNA, RNA, PCR and you get the full name alternativly use shift>DNA
and you get DNA.Or; Drag a text document into the window (yes a full drag
and drop OS) (sorry operating system) and anacronym/phrase swapovers are
underscored. then you can decide by a simple keypress wich one is to be
included. :-)))))
I dont know a lot about Unix (I use RiscOS 3.6) but I think Emacs or Vi
should do this also. :-)

My contribution to the thread is really comp.sys.platform stuff and I hope
I haven't started an Emacs-Vi flame; but Wen-Feng has a valid point. we
don't always read the group to post or answer. I find it helpfull with
things that I never considered a problem. :-) 



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