Competent Cells - making the best

Wendy Ingram w.ingram at
Mon Feb 22 04:21:47 EST 1999

I'm sure this question has been posed in this newsgoup before ... but what
is the best way of making homemade competent cells??? (or who sells good
commercial ones that don't cost the earth and work reliably...)

In our lab we have tried various protocols and several E.coli strains over
the last couple of years, but never seem to get a transformation
efficiency better than about 10 to the 6. Does anyone out there have a
never fail super good protocol they would like to share?  What sort of
efficiencies to other people out there really get???

If this has been thrashed to death before then can someone please let me
know where I can find the archives for this newsgroup to dig up all the

Thanks in advance,

Wendy Ingram.
Wendy Ingram (PhD Student)
Centre for Molecular and Cellular Biology
University of Queensland
Brisbane, Australia

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