pCMV-TAG vectors

Frank O. Fackelmayer fof1 at chclu.chemie.uni-konstanz.de
Mon Feb 22 03:43:27 EST 1999

Hi Monica,
I have used the pCMV-Tag1 from Stratagene (no affil.) with success. Yes,
it does work very well. Both tags should be suitable for
immunoprecipitation, provided they are accessible in your protein. But,
as you have said, it is possible to have either tag on the N- or
C-terminus, so one of the four possibilities will almost certainly work.


monica narang wrote:
> Has anyone used Stratagene's pCMV vector called pCMV-Tag1? It has two TAGs
> within it (c-myc and FLAG) allowing one to use either TAG in-frame with a
> cDNA of your desire (or so the company claims). I want to use the TAGs as
> targets for immunoprecipitations and by using a TAGGED vector, I am hoping
> to reduce the amount of cloning that I am doing presently.
> Can anyone offer any advice on whether this vector is effective, or if
> these TAGs work in IPs?

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