VP22 Voyager?

David L. Haviland, Ph.D. dhavilan at IMM2.IMM.UTH.TMC.EDU
Tue Feb 23 10:09:20 EST 1999

At 12:26 2/23/99 +0100, Peter Wang wrote:


>While I'm sure that the GFP-VP22 fusion must work, or Invitrogen
>wouldn't sell it, you might want to be aware of a paper claiming to be
>unable to replicate the work of Elliot and O'Hare:
>B Fang, B Xu, P Koch, JA Roth "Intercellular trafficking of VP22-GFP
>fusion proteins is not observed in cultured mammalian cells" Gene
>Therapy (1998) 5:1420-1424

I wouldn't go that far...   Not all "kits" work as well as they seemingly
do for the manufacturer.    I've had some things work very well for me
(QuickChange) and at the same time, I've had products be an absolute
failure (pZero-Kan).

>Any comments by others that have worked with VP22?

My concerns with VP22 is that from the catalog description and the flyer I
just received, it looks "too good to be true"....

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