Diggestion Problems!

amherrera at CIGB.EDU.CU amherrera at CIGB.EDU.CU
Tue Feb 23 20:24:22 EST 1999

 Hi netters!
    I am trying to cut a plasmid first with Kpn I and with EcoR V in a 
    second step.
    The vector linearized well after Kpn I. After these all following 
    steps (1:1 phenol+cloroform, 2-butanol, 0.5 vol NH4Ac 0.6 vol 
    isopropanol, ethanol 70%), I proceed cutting with EcoRV and 
    the vector did not give the expected band.

   Surprisingly the same vector is diggested with EcoRV if I start 
with this enzyme first.This never happpened to me before.

Where's the problem?


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