Marathon cDNA Kit from Clontech

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Tue Feb 23 22:36:10 EST 1999


I wonder whether anybody has any success obtaining a full length cDNA using the Clontech Marathon cDNA kit. I am trying it for the first time and I think because of the RNA starting material that I used (Poly A+ obtained using Promega's PolyAtract system) I couldnt get satisfactory  ds cDNA synthesis. Nothing showed up on the gel. But the control worked just fine. Anyhow I have tried to continue with PCR but not using the recommended Advantage Polymerase Mix, instead  I used Amplitaq Gold. There were amplifications, but the band is too small (about 100 bp). It couldn't be primer dimer because they were not present in the negative control. Please help. I have invested too much money in this kit and I need to get good results out of it. Thank you.


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