Postdoctoral position at NIH to study the triplet expansion diseases

Karen Usdin ku at
Wed Feb 24 09:49:40 EST 1999

A postdoctoral position is available immediately to work on the Triplet
Expansion Diseases, a group of neurological or neuromuscular
disorders that result from a large intergenerational increase in the
size of a tandem array of trinucleotide repeats. This class of diseases
includes Friedreich's ataxia, the most common recessive hereditary
ataxia, and Fragile X syndrome, the most common heritable form of mental
retardation. We are using a number of approaches to look at both the
mechanism of expansion and the consequences of expansion in these two
disorders. These include biochemical studies of the unusual DNA
structures formed by disease associated trinucleotide repeats ( Usdin,
K., and Woodford, K. J. 1995.; Usdin, K. 1998.) and other hypervariable
sequences (Weitzmann, M. N., Woodford, K. J., and Usdin, K. 1996. ;
Weitzmann, M. N., Woodford, K. J., and Usdin, K. 1997.; Weitzmann, M.
N., Woodford, K. J., and Usdin, K. 1998.), and the development of
various in vitro, bacterial, tissue culture, and transgenic animal
models for different aspects of these diseases (Lavedan, C., Grabczyk,
E., Usdin, K. and Nussbaum, R.L. 1998). This may ultimately allow us to
develop rational approaches to the prevention or treatment of this group
of genetic disorders. A study of the product of the FMR-1 gene may also
throw light on the processes of normal and pathological brain

Applicants must have a strong background in molecular biology and less
than 5 years of postdoctoral experience. The appointment is initially
for 2 years with the possibility of extension, depending on performance
and visa status, for up to 5 years.

Application including a CV and 3 letters of recommendation should be
sent preferably by email or fax to:
Karen Usdin
8 Center Dr, 8, 202
Bethesda, 20892, U.S.A, North America
Phone: 301-496-2189
Fax: 301-402-0053 at

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