anti-phosphoserine/anti-phosphothreonine... any good?

JPN jp.nougayrede at
Wed Feb 24 07:29:50 EST 1999

Do you mean that anti-PY such as 4G10 or PY20 Mabs also recognise Pser and
Pthr residues ?
Furthermore, do you have in mind any reference from your previous lab about
the "differential lability to alkali" ?
Thanks in advance.
JP Nougayrede.

Lab Microbio Molec
Toulouse. France.

Bernard P. Murray, PhD wrote:

> In the end they used anti-Ptyr antibodies as a general
> phosphoprotein reagent and differentiated between ser/thr and
> tyr by their differential lability to alkali.  Maybe some
> of the newer antibodies (eg. in the last three years or so)
> have better properties.
>      Bernard>

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