Can one make a TOPO vector?

Peter Wang plw at
Fri Feb 26 14:52:09 EST 1999

 Tobias Straub wrote:

> ...but there's still another problem: in topo cloning kits there's vaccinia virus
> topo I. this is a special type IB enzyme that has a specific recognition
> sequence CCTT/. other eukryotic enzymes don't have such a sequence specificity.
> ....

Dear Tobias:

Right, to me it seemed the main obstacle to making one's own topo-cloning vectors
is getting the vaccinia virus topoisomerase protein.  I guess no one sells it?  Is
it difficult to express it yourself?  And if you do make your own topo-cloning
kits, will Invitrogen or some other patent lawyer come after you?

- Peter

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