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Louis Hom wrote:

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> >Would ammonium sulfate be considered a chaotrope?  If so weak or
> >strong?  Does anyone know of a good reference on chaotropic agents?  Any
> >help would be greatly appreciated.
>         Actually, ammonium sulfate would probably best be described as a
> counter-example to chaotropic agents;  it has a stabilizing effect on
> proteins (which is one reason why it's popular as a precipitant in
> purification schemes).  I've forgotten the name of the series, but someone
> arranged various compounds into stabilizing compounds (e.g., ammonium
> sulfate) at one end and denaturants (e.g., urea, guanidium) at the
> other end.  I also, unfortunately, can't remember where I saw it.
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I believe the series is chaotropic --> lyotropic.  A post-doc I know did a Medline
search and found a wealth of information about chaotropy.  Try PubMed at for more info.


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