Stratagene's Quick Change Kit..Wow!

John R. McQuiston zje8 at
Sat Feb 27 09:44:32 EST 1999

I sequenced 800 bp of a 1400bp ORF in both directions for all 17 clones.  I'm 
doing the expression experiment now.  I was looking for a change in epitope at 
that specific point so that was what was most important.  After I get the 
results of the expression I'm going to go back and reseq. the whole thing 
of 1 or 2 just to make sure.  


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>> Hi Everyone,
>> I just used the Quick Change SDM Kit for the first time and for a large 
>> mutation 6bp del. 2bp change.  I was in awe.  I screened 17 clones by 
>> sequencing and EVERY single clone had the correct mutation.  I was
>hoping for 1 
>> or 2.  I would highly reccommend this procedure since it's as easy as 
>> up a PCR reaction , a restriction digest and transformation.  
>> I'm impressed, and also not affiliated with Stratagene in any way.
>> John R. McQuiston
>> Centers for Disease Control.
>I don't think the efficiency of mutation has ever
>been questioned (as long as the primer selection
>is good).  I, too, find most/all clones have the
>appropriate mutation when screened by restriction
>site insertion/deletion but I am more concerned
>that extra mutations have been introduced by Pfu
>in the remainder of the construct (its "high"
>fidelity not "perfect" fidelity).  I habitually
>sequence the region surrounding the mutation
>then chop it out and subclone it.
>What length/proportion of your 17 clones did
>you sequence?
>     Bernard
>Bernard P. Murray, PhD
>Dept. Cell. Mol. Pharmacol., UCSF, San Francisco, USA

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