spinning bugs (was re: pGEX Protein EXpression HELP with Method)

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Mon Jan 18 03:18:48 EST 1999

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>Richard P. Grant wrote:
>> In article <E100mG6-0000le-00 at mailhost.rpms.ac.uk>, mjones at rpms.ac.uk ("Dr
>> Mick Jones") wrote:
>> >Transfer 1.5 ml of the cultures to microfuge tubes, spin for 3 minutes and
>> Far too long.  1 minute max at 13k x g.


>ligations recently and was wondering - in light of the above - whether
>perhaps this spin was too harsh on the bugs?

heh, I only think 3 minutes is too long because it's (a) three times
longer than really necessary, and (b) makes the bugs more difficult to
resuspend.  Doon't know anything about any damage to them :)


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