Additive to prevent UV damage to DNA?

Bruno Cenni cenni at
Thu Jul 8 07:51:01 EST 1999

You can avoid UV light altogether by using a light-box (a commercial one is
Dark Reader from Clare Chemical Research, UK, but a piece of blue plexi is
enough) that makes plain blue light and looking at the gel through an orange
filter (the usual one for coomassie etc.). Otherwise there are small
handheld UV lamps with lower output.


"Dr. Klaus Eimert" wrote:

> Hi netters,
> as the subject says I am looking for an additive to the gel and/or
> buffer to minimize the UV damage (cloning efficiency has been rather low
> lately). I know that this has been discussed before but I was unable to
> track the thread in the archive. Could someone post the recipe or point
> me to a reference, please?
> Thanx,
> Klaus

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