Best life science vendor Web site?

Joan Evans j.evans at
Tue Jun 1 10:21:49 EST 1999

Which life science vendor has the best site on the Web, and why?  The
Science Advisory Board ( will explore this
question in a new study beginning on June 3, 1999.  Over the last few
years many corporate Web sites have evolved from little more than
"electronic brochures" to valuable scientific resources.  But as most
scientists know, the quality of these sites varies considerably from
company to company.  The results of this study will be used to identify
which sites are considered the "best on the Web" in terms of their
content and usability.

If you would like to participate in this, or future studies, please
complete the RESEARCH PANEL registration form which can be found at  Your identity and individual responses are
always held in strict confidence, and all participants are compensated
for their time.  In additional to the standard compensation awarded to
all participating members, drawings are routinely held for high value
prizes including computers, cash awards and gift certificates.

The Science Advisory Board is an online panel of more than 4,200
scientific and medical professionals from 64 countries.  The Board
convenes electronically to participate in online surveys and focus
groups to voice their opinions on a wide variety of topics related to
new research products and emerging technologies.  If you have any
additional questions about membership, please feel free to contact me at
j.evans at

Joan Evans
Membership Secretary
The Science Advisory Board

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