Phage contaminatio

karlster karlster at
Wed Jun 2 13:04:05 EST 1999

In article <3754E40A.E0750A0 at>, Marcus Wernitz
<viacx at> wrote:

> I have got a problem with my cosmid containing Ecoli.
> All clones seem to be cataminated with phages. In my overnight cultures
> all the cells seem to be lysed.
> When I try to make a plasmid prep I only get smallest amount of DNA.


If you are getting *some* cosmid DNA in your plasmid prep, why not just
re-transform into the appropriate host cells??? If the amount is fleeting
just electroporate.

If you are concerned about carry-over of bacteriophage DNA which might
establish infection following transformation then gel purify the cosmid
DNA and transform as above.



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