Sigma chitinase qualitative assay

Stephan Heeb StephanX.HeebX at
Fri Jun 4 03:41:52 EST 1999

Hello everybody,

I need to do a qualitative chitinase assay for a Pseudomonas strain. I've
been unable so far to find in our library a recent reference describing
that quick test, and the best I could find in the bionet archives were
only quantitative assays.

I have a few miligrams of Chitin Azure (Sigma C3020), and the reference
for that product is Hackman and Goldberg, Anal. Biochem 8, 397 (1964).
Unfortunately, we don't have that journal (that year) in our library and
obtaining that paper from another library would take me some days.

Could someone please explain me how I have to prepare the Chitin Azure for
a qualitative test? Do I have to prepare agar plates with the product? Can
it be autoclaved? At which concentration should I use it, knowing that it
is an insoluble compound?

Thank you for your help


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