agarose electrophoresis tank @ $10

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> Hi,
> Recently I land into a web page that was selling agarose electrophoresis
> tanks (combs and all) for a mere $10. Now that my class has ballooned out
> to 65, I'm scurrying back to my cache, bookmarks, web search engines and
> Sherlock to look for it. To my horror none could find it.

Think about it. If they can sell for this price then you can make it yourself.

What is an electrophoresis tank?
ans: perspex cut into blocks and glued together with a hole drilled in the
flat section that contains the electrode. 
The electrode is a standard male expand connector with a bit of wire
attached to the end.
Here in our mechanical workshop guy's make them for us.

The tools required are a dril, a hacksaw and emmery paper.

Bob (who built a -70C freezer for the desktop for 6.25ukp about $10)

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