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This month in Alkami Concise PCR Reviews, Dr. Laura Ruth continues her
discussion of PCR enhancers and inhibitors. Her article covers technical
details and includes references to the literature and related enhancer &
inhibitor links.
You can find her article at: http://www.alkami.com/reviews/rvwjun99.htm
A listing with links to the full text of previous Concise PCR Review
articles can be found at: http://www.alkami.com/reviews/indxrvws.htm

In addition, a collected list of PCR troubleshooting tips can be found
at http://www.alkami.com/methods/reftrbl.htm which includes information

   Possible Components and Conditions affecting ...
      Specificity: Non-Specific Products 
      Efficiency: Little or No Product Yield 
      Multiple Product Yields or High-Molecular-Weight Smear is Observed 
      Product is the Wrong Size 

   About ... 

   How To ... 
      Reduce Contamination 

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