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<HTML><BODY BGCOLOR="#ffffff"></P><P ALIGN=CENTER><FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" BACK="#ffffff" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10><B><I><U>Kick Your Web Site up A Notch!!         </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10></B></I></U>      <BR>
</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#0000ff" SIZE=4 PTSIZE=12><B>5,000+ Web Sites that will give you FREE Advertising.<BR>
<B>Finally, an easy way to advertise your web site or product.  We have spent<BR>
the last 18 months gathering information on web sites that will give you<BR>
free or almost free advertising.  While others are paying $25-$10,000 per advertisement,<BR>
you can advertise your product, service or site, without having to pay<BR>
anything.  There aren’t any catches, or requirements.  </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>You will be able to<BR>
place your link on all of these sites with one simple keystroke!</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10><BR>
Why would companies allow you to put your link on their page for free?  The<BR>
more hits (times people look at their web site) that they receive, the more<BR>
their web page is worth to other advertisers. Some advertisers pay $10,000<BR>
for an ad that only runs for one month.  The more advertisers that are on a<BR>
site, the more people will go there to search the ads.  This means that the<BR>
site will have more hits, and therefore be worth more to other advertisers.<BR>
Putting your ad or link on for free, will benefit you and the other web<BR>
You’ve probably surfed the web and found a few sites that will allow you to<BR>
place your link on their page, or in their mall. Have you found 5,000<BR>
sites that will allow you do this?  Even if you did find all of these free<BR>
sites, you would have to go to each site, one at a time, and try to place<BR>
your link.  </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>Our software will allow you to place your link on all of these<BR>
sites with one simple keystroke!  Our software will save you thousands of<BR>
hours and tens of thousands of dollars. </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10><BR>
Hundreds of people are using our software to sell their products, services,<BR>
and at the same time, they are getting</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#0000ff" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10> thousands of hits per day</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#00ff00" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10> </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>to their<BR>
web site.  Remember, the more hits your web site gets, the more your site<BR>
will be worth to other advertisers.  With your link on 5,000+ web sites,<BR>
your business can sky rocket overnight.<BR>
Here are a few real life examples of what our software can do for you:<BR>
       </FONT><FONT  COLOR="#00ff00" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10> "After receiving your software, I immediately placed my link on<BR>
5,240 web sites.  Within 2 hours, I was receiving hundreds of hits to my<BR>
web page.  My web counter has gone as high as 12,362 hits in one day!"<BR>
        "This program is the solution I was looking for.  I don’t know much<BR>
about computers, but the software did everything for me.  It took me about<BR>
five minutes to type in the required information, and by the next day I<BR>
already had over 100 inquiries about my product."<BR>
        "I have spent thousands of dollars trying to advertise my company<BR>
and my products, with very little success.  After using your program, I saw<BR>
immediate results.  I received more inquiries, and sold more products in 7<BR>
days, than I did in the last 14 months.  Better yet, I didn’t have to spend<BR>
anything to do it."<BR>
        "After using your software, I received over 8,000 inquiries in only<BR>
10 days!  I tried for months to find a program that would help me market my<BR>
product, now I’ve got it.  I couldn’t put a price tag on this software,</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10><BR>
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What is a program like this worth to you?  Put your link on 5,000+ web<BR>
sites, FREE.  You will get tens of thousands of dollars worth of free<BR>
advertising, all with a simple keystroke.  Take the hassle out of searching<BR>
all over the internet for free sites to advertise your product, service, or<BR>
web page.  Let the software do all of the work for you.  Just put this disk<BR>
in and follow the simple directions.  You don’t even have to be computer<BR>
literate to use this software.<BR>
This software has been sold for as much as $295.  We are now making it<BR>
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</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>But If you order within the next 20 days only!!!!</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10><BR>
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</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>$39.00.</FONT><FONT  COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10><BR>
To order this software, please fill out the following information sheet,<BR>
and send your check to: (please allow 7 to 10 days for check clearance)<BR>
Please use form below!!<BR>
                Anderson Fields <BR>
                7620 McKellips Road<BR>
                pmb #450<BR>
                Scottsdale, Az 85257<BR>
IN A RUSH?  You may Fax your check to 760 779-9571 and include your Email <BR>
Yes I am Ordering within 72 hours!<BR>
Software package  5,000+Sites<BR>
All orders sent Via Email for Immediate download and NO Shipping expense!<BR>
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