Detecting RNA

Jørgen Borrebæk jorgen.borrebak at
Mon Jun 7 08:43:17 EST 1999


The high absorbance you observe might just as well be caused by
polysaccarides (or even proteoglycans). This is a common problem when
doing phenol extractions of total RNA (the Trizol reagent is a phenol
mixture isn't it?)

You might be interested in reading:

Meltzer, J.S. in "Biotechniques Vol. 8 nr. 2 pg. 148-149"

Regards, Jorgen.

In article <Pine.OSF.3.95.990526151243.12712A-100000 at>,
Mark Garry Petten <t67mgp at> wrote:

> I'm extracting total RNA from various human tissues using the TriZOL
> reagent. Using a spectrophotometer my readings indicate the presence of
> lots of RNA. Using a formaldehyde/MOPS 1% agarose gel I'm getting very
> poor detection. The samples are loaded as follows:
> 1 uL sample
> 0.4 uL 5X MOPS
> 0.7 uL Formaldehyde
> 2.1 uL Formamide
> 0.4 uL loading buffer (glycerol, EDTA, bromophenol blue, xylene cyanol)
> The marker and four of the tissues stain but not well.
> Is there a better method for staining RNA?

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