Does Ethidium bromide retard RNA migration?

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Mon Jun 7 19:52:57 EST 1999

did you add the ethidium bromide before you heated the samples... or were
they still hot?  I have had precipitate form when I added the Eth Br to my
sample/load buffer before heating.  Just add the EthBr after the tubes have
been heated and then cooled on ice.

Rich Price

Mark Garry Petten wrote:

> I've loaded ethidium bromide with my samples and ended up with strange
> results. All the samples loaded including my ladder appear to be near the
> wells and did not migrate. Does ethidium bromide retard the migration of
> RNA samples through a gel?
> Thanks
> Mark G. Petten
> Dept. of Biology
> Memorial University of Newfoundland

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