Want to buy a PCR-Machine

John R. McQuiston zje8 at cdc.gov
Tue Jun 8 08:33:14 EST 1999

I've used the Biometra and the Epp. Mastercycler, as well as the Idaho 
Rapidcycler, Hybaid's personal T-cycler and it's 3 block one, PE/ABI 9600 and 
MJR PTC 200.  The Eppendorf is very good and worth the extra money.  We use MJR 
PTC 200's for most of the PCR, but the gradient block of the Mastercycler is 
very nice for optimizing your reactions.  If you were going to have one 
T-cycler for everything I would go with the Eppendorf.  I didn't like the 
Biometra because it isn't very user friendly to program and the tubes we were 
using didn't fit well.

John R. McQuiston
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

In article <375CE8FE.13A8D784 at pan.zoo.uni-jena.de>, 
junghans at PAN.ZOO.UNI-JENA.DE says...
>Hi everyone,
>I would like to buy a new PCR machine and I've no time to test all the
>different machines and I don't know if I should stay with the old one I
>Has anyone experiences with the Biometra UNO II48/96, the Eppendorf
>Mastercycler or the MWG Primus 96.
>Thanxs for helping me
>Dirk Junghans
>Inst. f. allg. Zoologie
>FSU Jena
>Erbertstr. 1
>07743 Jena
>Tel. 03641-949-118
>Fax  03641-949-102
>email junghans at pan.zoo.uni-jena.de

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