PCR Primer Design Tools Review

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Tue Jun 8 20:04:31 EST 1999

This month in Alkami PCR Reviews, Lance Larka talks about free online
primer design software. Featured in June are DOPE2, DoPrimer, NetPrimer,
and Oligos-U-Like/Primers3.
His article is at: http://www.alkami.com/reviews/rvwdsgn3.htm
Our current list of primer tool links and brief descriptions that we
have at http://www.alkami.com/primers/refdsgn.htm includes:
        * CODEHOP 
        * DOPE2 
        * DoPrimer 
        * The GPRIME Package 
        * NetPrimer 
        * Oligos-U-Like 
        * Primer Design 
        * Primer3 
        * Primers! 
        * Primers! Lite 
        * Primer Selection 
        * STS Pipeline v1.2 
        * The Primer Generator 
        * Web Primer (Stanford) 
        * Web Primers 
        * WWW GeneFisher 
        * xprimer 

Other primer design resources are listed at

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