10X LB?

Dan Johnson johnsoad at wfu.edu
Wed Jun 9 07:50:19 EST 1999

No problem.  We have done this once or twice.  However, we also have
found that you can store 10X LB at room temperature, un-autoclaved, by
mixing it thoroughly with about 5% chloroform.  This chemically
sterilizes the LB, and it sinks quickly to the bottom.  The LB on top
can then be mixed with water to make small batches for plates, etc.,
and autoclaved as usual.  Any residual chloroform is driven off by the
autoclave's heat.

In article <375D33EE.29BC at usm.edu>, Shiao Wang <Shiao.Wang at usm.edu>

> We use LB and NZY plates for routine plating of E. coli. I've not seen
> this discussed but is there a reason one can not make aliquots (50 ml)
> of 10X un-autoclaved LB or NZY and store them frozen? This would
> simplify the process of making LB/NZY agar for pouring small batches of
> plates. Thanks for your attention and any input.

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