PCR and Genomic DNA contamination

Dandog ddam at uh.edu
Wed Jun 9 18:33:52 EST 1999

 We have been trying to get our negative control PCR to come up Negative
and have failed to do so. I have ordered desalted primers from 3
different companies, used new HotStarTaq MM (Qaigen) and new Ambion DEPC
water. We also use aerosol tips, DNAzapped equipment, RNAse, DNAse free
tubes, tips etc.

What other methods of "Clean" PCR should I try to achieve true "no bands"
when running a Negative control? Can gloves add a source of

What other negative controls could I try?

(Primers are specific for murine prepro alpha I type I and type III

Thanks, Dan

Danny Martinez, Ph.D.
Connective Tissue Physiology Laboratory
ddam at uh.edu

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