poly A mRNA in bacteria?

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Thu Jun 10 10:57:08 EST 1999

On 10 Jun 1999, , David Alexander wrote:

> Hello All,
> I am curious to know if there are examples of bacteria that poly 
> adenylate their mRNA. 
> I've heard that mycobacteria do this - any others?

most bacteria don't, but bacterial polyA plos have been isolated, for
instance by Alfred Sippel and Walter Keller. Both can be bought. Promega ?
Just look in the catalogs of several larger companies.
> Without handy polyA tails, separation of mRNA, and generation of cDNA
> is difficult. Is there a method/enzyme that will reliably add polyA 
> to bacterial RNA?

it is a difficult thing to do, one has to titrate the length of the tails
pretty percisely. Can't you try random priming instead ?

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