Corex Tubes???

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At 07:47 PM 6/9/99 -0700, Scott Currie wrote:
>Hi All,
>I may be a bit behind the times but after breaking my Corex tubes, I
>discovered they are no longer being manufactured. Is this true? But more
>importantly, is there a substitute for these tubes on the market that will
>do the job for RNA precipitation.
>Thanks in advance
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I don't know if the "Corex" tubes are discontinued... I had bought a set a
couple of years back. 
However, while during my graduate work we never used anything but those for
RNA preps, I have been using the polypropylene Oakridge tubes (NOT the
polycarbonate type) for plant RNA extractions routinely. Precipitation of
RNA in these is no worse than that done in "Corex". If I expect smaller
amts. I simply reduce the volume in the final stages and change over to 1.5
or 3mL microfuge tubes. If the tubes are new, I can easily detect RNA
pellets. In the later stages of RNA preps, I try to avoid tubes that show
obvious signs of age (i.e. scratches and cracks). 

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