Owl Semi-Dry Transfer Apparatus

Connie Runyan c-runyan at nwu.edu
Thu Jun 10 14:07:35 EST 1999

We have recently had three semi-dry transfer apparatuses burn out on us in
our lab, and we cannot figure out why.  The buffers that we are using as
transfer buffers have not changed, there should have been pleanty of
buffer so that the blots would not dry out, and we are keeping the voltage
and time of the transfer the same.  We have been using them very
frequently, but one of them was almost brand-new when it burned out.  We
have also been using them twice per day.  The burning always happens on
the second set of transfer, but we can't think of why it would matter how
often they are used in a day.

If anyone else has had this problem or has an idea what may be going
wrong, please let us know before we fry up another one.

Thank you very much

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